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Strong and reliable partner for employers.

We empower employers to acquire top talents, develop strong employer brands

and drive business growth.

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United Resources®

We are committed to the highest standards and to delivering exceptional results.

We challenge the traditional talent acquisition process and leverage cutting-edge technology to find the right talents and build strong employer brands for our clients.

Think beyond, be bold. 


Our group offers a professional services to help companies attract and retain top talents and position themselves as employers of choice.


Talent Acquisition


Recruitment Marketing


Employer Brand Development

Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition services include a range of activities aimed at identifying, attracting, and hiring top talent for organizations.

Talent Search

Expert Contractor

Temporary Assignments

External People & Culture Department

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruiter On Demand


Recruitment Marketing

We help employers attract and retain top talent through targeted and effective branding and marketing strategies.

Employer Branding

Talent Marketing Strategies

Social Media & Content Marketing

Recruitment Advertising Campaigns

External Employer Marketing Department

Employer Reputation Management

Points of Contact Development

Employer Brand Development

A strong employer brand can help companies achieve a range of benefits, from attracting top talent to improving overall business performance.

Employer Brand Development

Employer Messaging & Positioning

Employee Value Proposition Development

Candidate Experience Management

Competition Intelligence Gathering

Talent Market Research

Find out how we help employers succeed

Competitive advantage for your business.


Access to top talent

We are well-connected with top talent in various industries. We can identify and approach highly qualified candidates who may not be actively seeking new job opportunities.


Extend your talent reach through our network and channels, leverage our expertise and experience to empower your own team and adjust our services to your specific needs.


Expertise and experience

Our team of experienced recruiters are well-versed in the latest recruitment trends and best practices. With expertise to identify the right candidates for a particular job we can provide valuable insights on market trends and salary expectations. 

Flexibility and scalability

We offer flexibility and scalability to our business partners. We are able to adjust our services according to the employers' specific needs, whether it is for a single position or multiple positions.


/ Industries

Model cases by industries.


Our group helps companies in the production industry to overcome labour shortage, improve productivity, diversify risks related to workforce turnover and enhance safety. 

Retail & E-commerce

Retail & E-Commerce 

We provide retailers and e-commerce platforms with flexible and scalable talent solutions to ensure all operations are uninterrupted during periods of high demand as well as short-term projects. 

Energy & Industrials

Energy & Industrials

By identifying the right talent and implementing the best marketing practices for employers, we help energy and industrial companies to improve productivity, enhance safety, improve employee retention, and foster innovation. 



Construction industry stands in front of challenges related to shortage of qualified manual labour workforce. With our expertise and dedicated efforts we assist construction companies overcome these challenges.

Banking & Insurance

Banking & Insurance

Banking and insurance industry is strongly influenced by technology evolvement and labour shortages not only in OTC job positions. Our group helps financial institutions to adapt their businesses to these changes and overcome challenges that arise from them. 

Information Technology

Information Technology

As various technologies are evolving quickly, companies have to keep adapting in order to ensure their competitiveness. We provide expertise in identifying the right talent and building strong teams with the focus on the latest technology. 

/ Our clients

Employers we empower.

We believe that the key to a successful and long-lasting business partnership is understanding of our clients' business objectives and cultures. That's why we take the time to get to know our clients individually and develop a customized approach in order to find the perfect candidates.



PPA Energo



/ Our Projects

Staying ahead of the curve is the key to success in the fast-paced world of talent acquisition.

That's why we are constantly exploring new technologies, strategies and methodologies to improve our processes and provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

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About Us


Expert Base is a technology talent platform that connects top technology experts with leading companies and innovative start-ups focusing on EEA markets.


Dobrý Pracovník is a recruitment and staffing agency specialising in sourcing, recruiting, and placing workers in manual labour positions, such as construction, manufacturing, warehousing and skilled trades.


Zamestnávateľská značka is an innovative project which aims to help employers present their employer brand, work culture, and career opportunities.

/ Agency

We are on a mission to connect exceptional talents with leading organizations, creating mutually beneficial relationships that drive success.

We strive to be a trusted partner to both job seekers and employers, providing personalized solutions that meet their unique needs.




With a commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence, we aim to exceed expectations and deliver results that make a positive impact on the communities we serve.


Operations over the Europe


Trusted by Top Employers


Experienced Internal Team


Interdisciplinary Expertise

/ Certifications

Excellence and exceptional results. That is our commitment.

Our organization has successfully implemented Quality Management System and Information Security Management System.

Certification ISO 27001

Information Security Management 



Certification ISO 9001

Quality Management System

Let's find top talents together


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